6 novembre 2010

Yo no te espero / Jo no t'espero

Therefore we demand:
  • That religious beliefs are no longer publicly funded.
  • That allocation of fiscal revenue to the Catholic Church through income tax be removed.
  • That schools no longer be used as a platform for ministry.
  • That religions cease to impose their moral prejudices on entire society.
  • That paedophile clergy and their accomplices be brought to justice.
  • That the Catholic church no longer hinder the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS.
  • That children are protected from superstition and irrationality.
  • That the State cease to promote charity at the expense of social justice.
  • That ceremonial state acts and public places are no longer headed by religious symbols.
  • That public representatives stop favouring religious groups.
  • That the right of all people to live according to their gender or sexual orientation be respected.
  • The right of women to choose and to their own bodies.
  • That apostasy (personal excommunication) be a right recognized by law.